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RW Duder

Amy II: Legacy (Amy Book 2)

Amy II: Legacy (Amy Book 2)

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Her serial killer father created Amy. She’s following in his footsteps, made evil by her father’s curse at death. Kept in check for the last six years by Alex Russo, the detective that killed her father. She manages to escape and start on her own killing spree.

Now, Detective Scott Garcia and his partner, must keep the prodigy from wrecking havoc. But when they corner her at a local carnival, they are in for a big surprise at what they find. Vowing to stop Amy’s legacy, Garcia must figure out a way to find her in time before her mother intervenes.

This sequel keeps the horror alive in the next case of Amy and her living nightmare. Fans of classic horror, such as Halloween, will enjoy this new take on the legacy of a killer. This time, it’s being kept in the family. She cannot be stopped.

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