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Amy III: Bred in a lab, Born to Stab

Amy III: Bred in a lab, Born to Stab

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Was it ever over?

Scott Garcia ended Amy's life in a fiery explosion at the rest stop on the highway. Without any proof of what she had done, Scott is arrested and incarcerated for the chaos Amy caused. But Thomas Raines, the villainous doctor who wants to use Amy's power for his own gain, is not done with Scott or Amy yet. Cloned from the original child, Amy is back and her thirst for killing and blood has only grown. Now, trapped inside a psychiatric facility with the patients and guards, Amy will take out her own breed of vengeance against those in her way. Her mother is desperate to save her, Scott is desperate to stop her again, and the victims are desperate to survive her terrifying wrath.

This third instalment of the best selling franchise will leave you begging for more! Amy is back! Bred in a lab, born to stab!

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