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RW Duder

The Retreat

The Retreat

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“It’s only a dream. It’s not real.”

But is that true? Mentors Rob and Damien aren’t so sure anymore. When they take six aspiring writers to Veritas Mountain for a writer’s retreat, their foundations of reality are shaken. After all, it’s not their fault the visitors have such creative dreams… or is it? Veritas Mountain has a secret, it’s a place where imagination becomes reality, but what happens when you imagine horrors as a profession?

In this book, a place of dreams meets characters of nightmare. Art and real-life clash together in a blood-soaked tale of D.G.R.’s Vancity Vampires’ Eldon and RW Duder’s infamous six-year-old killer, Amy Walker. Can the authors and guests survive the manifestations of their own minds? A cross-over event by RW Duder not to be missed.

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